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Easy Indian Breakfast Poha Recipe

Easy Indian Breakfast Poha Recipe

Poha is an easy, tasty and healthy breakfast recipe, popular in Maharashtra. Prepared with onions, potatoes, and seasoning like chilies, lemon and curry leaves make up a tasty and easy snack of Poha.

Ingredients needed :

2 Cup Poha(pressed rice),

8 to 10 Curry Leaves,

One full Onion,

One Tomato,

Green Chilli,

2 tbsp Salt,

1/2 tbsp Sugar,

1/2 tbsp Turmeric,

1 tbsp freshly chopped Corriander,

1/4 tbsp cumin,

1/4 tbsp mustard seeds,


Urad Dal,

Cashew nuts,

a small cup of Sev to garnish,

Cooking oil.

Preparation :

Soak for five minutes in water, drain the poha completely and put it aside,

Now heat the cooking pan, add the cooking oil in the pan,

Add Cashew nuts, Urad Dal, Peanuts, Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds into the pan. Fry them in the oil for 2 minutes in a medium flame,

Now add the 1/2 tbsp of turmeric into the pan and mix it with the fried peanut and urad dal,

Add freshly Chopped onions. Green Chillis into the frying pan. Now Saute them until they were properly fried,

Now add freshly chopped tomato into this mixture,

 Add salt and cook the mixture on medium flame,

Now slowly add the soaked and drained Poha rice into the Onion, Tomato mixture,

Slowing mix the Poha rice into along with the mixture.

Once completely cooked transfer the hot and spicy Poha into a serving bowl,

Garnish the Bowl with Sev, chopped Tomato pieces, and Cashew nuts.

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